Multiplayer Micro Machines World Series Announced

Do you remember Micro Machines? They were tiny cars and trucks that fit in your pocket. The commercials starred a guy who sounded like he mistook cocaine for sugar when he mixed his fiftieth cup of coffee for the day.

A new game is set to rekindle that nostalgia, and it will be an arena battle game with twelve different cars all with their own unique weapons. The game will come with multiple modes including King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Race, and Elimination, and it is being promoted as easy enough for anyone to pickup and play.

Codemasters has a long history with the franchise. They have been developing Micro Machines games since the release of the original Micro Machines for the NES in 1991. They are no strangers to the genre, since they have been the developers on previous racing games DiRT, GRiD Autosport, and Colin McRae Rally.

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We will see if the diminutive racer makes a big splash when it launches on April 21st. For those of you who love to bask in classic commercials, check out this Micro Machines gem.

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