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Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition Tackling Retail in September

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition is lining up to blitz retail on September 18th. Although it will contain the same bloody action as the original, it will be packed with plenty of new modes, teams, and content for new and current players, no matter what your definition of “football” happens to be. (Since the current balance of power here is the UK, we use it to define the running game with men in shorts kicking a spherical shape. It will shift back to the US eventually, but rules are rules.)

The biggest addition is right in the title. Dynasty Mode lets you call the plays as the manager and coach of one of 25 crazy MFL teams. You will be running the entire program for a few seasons to show that you can build the next team dynasty. This includes the day to day activities to turn your group of green (perhaps even literally) players into seasoned pros. You will be changing salaries, applying player XP, trading players, signing free agents, and making playbooks.

While Dynasty Mode is single player only, Mutant Football League is intended to share the pain with others. You can go head to head in online multiplayer or up to four players can challenge each other in local multiplayer. (Thank goodness someone realized that crushing the hopes of friends and family locally is better than beating a stranger.)

The game will also feature two new teams. The Purple Mutant Eaters and Hexxon Oilers will join the MFL. Each new franchise will have its own new field. This brings the number of teams to 25 and the fields to 24.

Two new races are available for you to recruit. Along with mutants, aliens, and orcs, you will be able to sign werewolves and demons to bolster your team’s performance on the field.

That field will be even deadlier. Beyond the violence you can inflict through directly on the other team, you will have access to new dirty tricks. These can turn the tide of the game in your favor by using weapons like chainsaws, bribing the referee, and throwing bombs.

For those of us who struggle with realistic sports games (or reality in general), it’s nice to see sports games that emphasize the fun parts. In the same way that Burnout pushed the crashing in races, Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition tries to amp up the violence and intensity by throwing out the rules, making the players absolutely crazy, and giving you play-by-play commentary.

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition will be tackling retailer shelves on September 18th.

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