My Singing Monsters Playground is a Party Game for Consoles, Releases November 2021

My Singing Monsters Playground Screenshot 3

There’s a new party game on its way to consoles and it’s set in the My Singing Monsters universe. Kids will be happy. Adults will be confused.

Developer Big Blue Bubble has announced today that it will be releasing a new party game on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this November. The game? My Singing Monsters Playground, a multiplayer party game set in the family-friendly and world-renowned My Singing Monsters universe.

The game will feature seven playable monsters: Mammott, Furconr, Pom Pom, Entrbat, Pango, Congle, and Kayna.

Players will be able to unlock new costumes for each monster, with each one having three unlockable costumes.

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Gameplay is what matters most, though, and My Singing Monsters Playground will have more than 20 mini-games to play, as well as three game modes including Party Tournament, Single Player Gauntlet, and Free Play.

On PlayStation and Xbox, the game will release as a digital download only. On Nintendo Switch, Sold Out will be partnering with Big Blue Bubble to release a physical version.

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