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Nacon Connect: Rogue Lords’ Style of Dark, Gothic Fantasy Was Inspired by Tim Burton Films

Rogue Lords is a rogue-lite featuring the most diabolical of characters – the devil. Announced during the Nacon Connect show today, it’s the story of the lord of darkness’ return to take revenge on mankind and to recover his lost artifacts after being beaten by Van Helsing.

Since world domination is more fun with friends, he’ll be calling on anyone who signed a pact with him to compel them to carry out his unholy will. The forced labor will come from some of history’s greatest terrors. Minions such as Dracula, Bloody Mary, and the Headless Horseman will fight the forces of good in the form of demon slayers and a mysterious organization known as Sanctua Lumen.

Gameplay is familiar to fans of rogue-lites, but Rogue Lords does throw in a twist or two. Each of the levels will be a procedurally generated map, and you’ll run them for new tools. Combat is turn-based. You will be able to pick a team from three different characters and set their skills. For example, Bloody Mary will have a mirror that you can put behind an enemy to reflect additional damage. Since the devil is your boss, you can even cheat by pausing the game and letting him take the damage from your next attack.

The style of the world is a dark, gothic fantasy set in 17th century New England during the Salem witch trials. The team drew inspiration from Tim Burton movies and especially Sleepy Hollow. That’s also how a certain equestrian without a noggin came to be in the game. (If you’ve never seen Sleepy Hollow, it gets a high recommendation from me for whatever that’s worth.)

Rogue Lords is the first rogue-lite to come from Nacon’s growing stable to studios, but it’s several years in the making. So far, we only know that it’s coming 2021 to the PS4, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the PS5 added to that list too.

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