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Nacon Connect: Steelrising Pits Robot Armies Against French Aristocracy

I’m still in the process of watching the entire Nacon Connect today, but Steelrising from developer Spiders is a great concept. In an alternate history, you are a female robot named Aegis. Set in that other universe’s Paris, your job is to be Marie Antoinette’s bodyguard. That’s been complicated by a tyrannical Louis XVI who is trying to suppress a budding revolution with an army of automatons that have now gone berserk. Your mission will be to stop him and the army from killing more people and throw off his oppressive rule. That’s a unique premise with promise.

Steelrising embraces both the old world and the new. Landmarks such as Grand Ch√Ętelet and Tour du Temple are recreated in the game and fit with the general style. The city has been arranged to offer Aegis more verticality. These are ways for her to find hidden paths and different routes to an objective and offer a little variety for the player as well as reasons to leave the main path.

Aegis won’t be going into dangerous situations unarmed. There are seven different families of weapons, each with its own characteristics. Aegis could have light attacks in her arms, alchemical rifles for ranged attacks, and more powerful weapons when a raging army of automatons just won’t take a hint. You can find these weapons throughout the game and as rewards from some of the game’s many side quests.

As far as a release date, who knows? This one is just being announced, and there is zero gameplay. For now, check out the CGI trailer, and we’ll all wait for a little more info to surface on this one.

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