Nacon Connect: Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown Announced

Yes – I was right! There is indeed a new Test Drive Unlimited game, and Nacon has announced it today during its first Nacon Connect live stream event.

The new game in the series is called Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crow, and it’s being developed by KT Racing, who have previous experience in the racing genre with the World Rally Championship WRC series.

According to the press release, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown “retains the DNA of the series” by bringing what players love most: beautiful cars and a massive island world to drive around on while racing against other players in a mysterious competition.

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It sounds good and from the very brief teaser trailer, it looks good, although we don’t actually see any gameplay. There’s no word on release dates at this time, nor is there any confirmation as to whether Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown will even release on PS4 – it could well release on PS5, or perhaps the most likely scenario, across both generations.

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