NACON Revolution Pro Controller 3 Out Now for PS4

Third-party controllers have come a long way, with some now even being officially licensed by platform holders. The latest such addition to the third-party market comes in the form of the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3, an officially licensed wired controller that has been released this week for PS4.

The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 is geared towards gamers who want absolute precision in their games. There are a wealth of customisation options for the funky gamepad to really make it your own. Sticks not feeling quite high enough? Change them! Controller feeling a little too light in the hand? Add more weight to the handles! Not satisfied with how your life is turning out? Er, yeah, not much you can do about that with a premium gamepad, but it’s a decent gamepad all the same, and who knows, maybe it’ll lead to a shining career as a professional esports gamer.*

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Essentially, the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 is a wired version of the gamepad I reviewed earlier this year. If you can live with having your controller connected to your console via a wire, read my review and see if the rest sounds good. Spoiler: I liked it.

The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 is out now and can be found via any half-decent retailer for around £100/100€, and it is available in Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and India.

*Don’t hold your bloody breath.
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