Nathan Drake Voice Actor Up For a Part in Uncharted 5

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was supposedly the last time we’d see Nathan Drake in action. Instead the story’s torch passed to a new generation of female leads. But all of this talk of an Uncharted 5 has whetted his voice actor’s appetite for a return. We just don’t know whether there’s a place for him yet.

Nolan North is the voice box behind one of PlayStation’s most enduring characters. But found himself out of a job three years ago when Naughty Dog decided his digital alter ego was of retirement age. However, director Bruce Straley recently said he’d love to see Drake return in the next installment. The only problem is Straley is a former director at the studio.

Still, his opinion should carry some weight.

It didn’t take long for the question to be posed to Nolan North himself – specifically, what’s your view on a potential return. To which he replied, undoubtedly in character, “Ready to break out my climbing gear!”

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So all that’s left to do is for Naughty Dog to write Nathan Drake in and we’re all set for a reunion of sorts in the rumoured Uncharted 5.

Yeah, I don’t see it happening either – his return, that is, not a fifth game. Sure he’s a strong character. But a lot of effort was put into closing the book on his adventure and starting one anew. And sometimes you just have to venture forth, one leap into the unknown at a time – even if you long for how things once were. Deep, eh?

Are you up for another adventure in Uncharted 5? 

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