Naughty Dog Are Recruiting For An Ambitious Online Project

Many were disappointed to hear that The Last Of Us Part 2 won’t have any online, multiplayer functionality. But that doesn’t mean Naughty Dog is averse to the mechanic. Instead, the team are busy working on a second project, which is a cooperative game at heart.

And they’re recruiting online boffins to make it a reality.

News of said game has been sketchy. However, this job posting at least proves they’re working on something that needs the interweb connectivity. And it’s an “ambitious” project at that, if lead designer Vinit Agarwal’s Tweet is anything to go by.

The Online Systems Programmer vacancy was advertised as follows – Join us. We’ve got big ambitions and need you to help make it a reality – whilst the actual link takes you to a page that talks about new services and features. Unfortunately, though, no specific information was provided as to what exactly the candidate will be working on.

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That means we’ll have to wait a while longer yet to find out what Naughty Dog are hiding.

If you are technically qualified, make sure you check out their other vacancy posts because there are a few roles open at the moment – a tools programmer and graphics specialist, just to name two.

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