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Naughty Dog Leaked Uncharted 4’s List of Levels (Sort of)

There are potential spoilers ahead of these words so we’re warning you now: if you don’t want any more of Uncharted 4 spoiled for you before it releases next month, go back from where you came.

The rest of you, read on and you’ll find some interesting stuff that gives us a few clues to what Uncharted 4’s level’s will be like, well, sort of. See, Naughty Dog actually, for want of a better word, leaked Uncharted 4’s levels in a video presentation at this year’s Game Developers Conference. The video hasn’t been watched by us (we’re way too busy, soz) but one reddit user took the time to watch it, and by doing so he noticed one part where the level list was on-screen for a few moments.

Being the intelligent chap he is, he took a screenshot. Good lad. So, the list below is what was presented at the GDC, but it’s worth bearing in mind that these probably aren’t the final names, but are more likely placeholder names that just tell the developers who are working on the levels what the levels are.

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There’s an image below, though it’s barely legible, so we’ve got the list written down in lovely black and white text underneath. Pick your poison.


Boat Intro
??? Prison
Open Water
Sunken Ruins
Ship Graveyard

It’s worth noting that there also seems to be three other levels whose names have been blacked out. Cut levels, perhaps? Or Uncharted 4’s DLC. Anything’s possible these days.

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