Naughty Dog Makes the Most Out of PlayStation’s Platinum Headset

We were disappointed when we wrote about the PlayStation Platinum Headset being delayed from its initial November release date. The $160 headset is shaping up to be PlayStation’s best communication and hearing device yet with its 7.1 virtual surround sound, 3D audio technology, and noise-cancelling microphones. That’s why we were stoked when we also covered how the headset’s release date was pinned down to sometime in January.

Today, Sony announced that the exact release date is January 12th, 2017. Not only that but Naughty Dog got early hands-on time with a prototype of the Platinum model. Needless to say, the Uncharted developers were blown away by the technology and for some reason were really obsessed with the 3D audio facet. Let’s hope we are too in the one month when it releases. You can check out the Naughty Dog video above. It’s really interesting stuff, actually.

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Is the Platinum Headset on your to-buy list, or are you happy enough with the quality you get from your current surround sound/headphone setup? Nod your head to the bass down in the comments section below.

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