Naughty Streamer Has Leaked an Hour of Rainbow Six: Parasite

It looks like somebody had a bit of trouble reading the NDA that Ubisoft attached to the early preview of its upcoming Rainbow Six: Parasite.

Some naughty so-and-so has broken Ubisoft’s NDA and posted over an hour of Rainbow Six: Parasite gameplay to Facebook. What’s even better is the ensuing argument in the comments between the team members. One is convinced that they’re allowed to post the gameplay publicly, while the other insists it is under embargo and that they’re not allowed to share anything. It’s amazing, to be honest, and a nice reminder that while we might seem unprofessional at times, there are far worse places to work than Pure PlayStation.

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You can check the video out over on Facebook without fear of any spoilers – the gameplay is mostly tutorials, so no harm was done, really.

Maybe some reading lessons are in order for this streamer…

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