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NBA 2K21 Hints At $69.99 RRP For PS5 Games

Update: Despite studying maths, this writer can’t tell the difference between a 4 or a 9 – the price in the title should read $69.99 or £64.99. So, if you read this before I rectified it, my apologies folks!

NBA 2K21 is the first game to officially set an RRP for its PlayStation 5 version. And it is a whole ten bucks more expensive than the PlayStation 4 game. Now, whether that is a pattern we’re going to see more of is yet to be seen. But as each new generation is usually accompanied by a bit of a price hike, it sounds like this could very well become the norm.

However, with our tightening purse strings, will we agree to pay this? Or could the upcoming console change our buying habits to that of being a few weeks behind release – thereby saving a bit in the process; for example, Spongebob Squarepants has barely been out as it is but has already dropped to under the twenty pound mark here in the UK, so it definitely pays to wait.

The news comes via a published comparisons table, which compares the varying editions and platforms. And it also explains the free upgrades that are available to gamers who buy on one platform but want to shoot hoops on the PlayStation 5. However, this is far from a simple comparison as the 2K21: Mamba Forever Edition purchased on the one console will only grant you the standard edition on the other. So, be careful which “package” you purchase.

It’s also worth pointing out that the free upgrade isn’t available at all to owners of the Standard Edition, so be prepared to actually spend $99.99 on NBA 2K21 for the privilege. At least your virtual currency can be transferred between the two…

Source: GameIndustryBiz

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