NBA Live 20 Delayed As EA Tease Different Approach

Not too long ago, NBA Live 20 appeared in EA’s upcoming game line-up alongside the likes of FIFA 20 and NHL 20. But it has now been covertly announced that the latest game in the basketball series has been delayed; it will now launch somewhere between the start of October and end of December.

The decision hasn’t been completely explained by the publishers, who state that they now have plans to take it in a new direction. Instead, we have to be grateful that it hasn’t been axed completely and patiently await news of the changes ahead – these have been teased as coming in the next three months.

The news came via an interview with Polygon, where by EA Sports simply said:

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“We’re planning a different approach to NBA LIVE this year, and will have more to share in the quarter ahead.”

Perhaps this isn’t exactly a surprise when you consider all the updates NBA Live 19 has received. Especially as the most recent change added an updated roster – after the season had ended – which you could view as something that’s only done if the next instalment is delayed. Or not coming at all.

Unfortunately, the NBA 2K series has always proven a formidable opponent. And it looks as though it is on track to shoot another hoop against its rival. Let’s just hope that NBA Live 20, and whatever changes it will sport, are enough to help it survive another season.

Source: Polygon

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