Need For Speed Gets a Free Update

Ben Walke, the content and community manager on Need For Speed announced that on the 27th of April the game will be receiving a sizeable update featuring a new multiplayer online mode, new trophies, new activities and even a couple of tweaks to some elements already in the game.

Need For Speed 3

Without further adieu, first off there is a new mode for the players out there who have already beaten everything and are getting bored. Once you complete the main story line you will gain access to ‘prestige mode’ in which EA and Ghost Games have allegedly taken some of the old events and kicked them up a notch to give you more of a challenge. Along with prestige mode comes two trophies, the first being ‘Basic Bronze’ which is obtained by winning all prestige events and then you can go for the ‘Gold Plated’ acquired by getting gold on all prestige events.

Online mode has not been forgotten about with the introduction of SpeedLists, they are a series of 5 events where all participants score in each separate event and at the end the scores are added up so a winner can be chosen. This looks like it could be a considerable step in the right direction to improve the online competitive aspects of Need For Speed. The third and final newly introduced trophy will be earned through the SpeedLists, it is called ‘Speed Master’ and will be awarded to anyone who wins all 5 events in one SpeedList. The SpeedLists also offer players the opportunity to earn a title online based on their position on the leader boards.

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Need For Speed 1

Need For Speed will also now feature ‘Drift Corners’ and ‘Speed Runs’ very similar to DriveClub in the sense that to enter one you either drift around a marked drift corner or head with maximum velocity through a speed wall (not to be confused with a brick wall) to rack up points and leave your mark. Last but not least the decal awarding daily challenges will now award you one of the game’s impressive 150 decals for each one you complete until you’ve collected them all. Pick up the new update for free on the PS Store on the 27th of April.


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