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Need for Speed Heat Launch Trailer With Contest-Winning Designs Released

Need for Speed Heat is just a couple of weeks away from release, and to build up a bit of hype around the latest Need for Speed, EA and Ghost Games have released the game’s official launch trailer. It’s not just any launch trailer, mind you, as for five fortunate people, this trailer contains their very own creation.

EA and Ghost Games ran a contest with the NFS Heat Studio iOS and Android app, where five creators would get their custom cars shown in the trailer. So for those lucky few who were selected as winners, this trailer means a lot more than it does to you or me – unless you’re a winner, in which case: well done!

But that’s not all. 100,000 further fans have been sent a personalised version of the launch trailer with their design featured as the hero car. Sure, it won’t get seen by as many people, but it’s a nice little memento to have all the same.

Need for Speed Heat launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 8th, 2019. Will it be a return to form for the racer? Fingers crossed…

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