Need For Speed Payback

Need For Speed Heat Outsells Its Predecessors

Need For Speed Heat has obviously filled a void as it has broken the series’ previous records, meaning more gamers are burning rubber in its launch week than ever before. This is a milestone for any game, though few manage to build on their audience base. Which is why the team were probably celebrating the feat online.

The celebrations were widespread on social media as the news was shared across multiple accounts. But over on the game’s official profile, Ghost Games posted:

#NFSHeat set a new record during the first week with more of you playing this game than any other NFS title this generation. Thanks to our community for bringing the Heat!

Unfortunately, despite the jubilations, it doesn’t translate well in the grander scheme of things. That’s because the game only managed fifth in the sales charts. And only a week later was missing from the top ten completely.

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Considering the last title, Need For Speed Payback, proved a bit of a let-down with fans – what with its dependence on those dastardly microtransactions – maybe this can be seen as a success. And a positive step forward towards the next installment, which may just be the return to form we’re all waiting for. But it’s hard to remain optimistic in today’s market, especially when the likes of EA can’t even release a stable Star Wars title.

So pardon me if I remain skeptical.

Still, breaking your franchise’s sales record is something worthy of celebration. Now, Ghost Games, how about you take that energy and invest it in Need For Speed PS5?

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