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Need For Speed Payback Burns Rubber Later This Year

Need For Speed Payback will unfortunately not star Mel Gibson as the character, Parker, or be a racing game in which you play legendary soul singer, James Brown. (How amazing would that be?) It is the latest in EA’s long-running franchise, and it will be releasing on November 10th.

Payback’s story is about betrayal and revenge by a shadowy cartel known as The House. Set in Fortune Valley, you will play three characters who we can only guess did not expect to have a raw deal from a criminal organization, and they are back to make things right. The overall gameplay will still be racing, but it is being sold as more of an action movie feel with high-speed chases and big set pieces. The trailer gives us a Fast and Furious vibe.

For those who like to make a car their own, EA is promising players the greatest amount of customization in the series history, so we are sure players will have some interesting and unexpected surprises for EA. As surely as the sun will rise, any creative game has penises added eventually.

With a large variety of cars, the ability to customize your ride, and a movie vibe, Need For Speed Payback could be the title for anyone looking to live their life one quarter mile at time.

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