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Negan and Julia Come to Tekken 7

Two new characters are coming to Tekken 7 on February 28th. The first is Julia Chang. She was fighting under the name Jaycee, before she decided to leave the ring to fight for more forests. After she realized that going green takes a little green, she is back to fight for more publicity to gain new donors for her projects.

The second is one that even newcomers to Tekken 7 will recognize. Negan is a rough brawler with his favorite weapon, Lucille, and they are cracking the skulls of the other fighters. Barbed bat in hand, he retains his trademark smug attitude from the show with a deep need to teach someone a lesson.

If you already have the season pass, start counting down the days until you can play. If not, each of these characters can be purchased individually starting February 28th. Check out the trailer for a view of their moves.

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