NeoGaf Down? It’s Because the Site Owner is a Pervert and Nobody Likes Him Anymore

NeoGaf, the popular gaming forum that has been running for a long, long time, has seemingly died overnight. The reason? The site’s owner is a perverted creep and nobody wants to be associated with him anymore. Fair enough, then.

For those who aren’t aware, NeoGaf is gaming forum that often attracts the attention of developers and publishers, with many of them having accounts on the site to talk to its users. It’s considered quite an influential site and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t use it in our day-to-day operations here at Pure PlayStation; its users are typically very quick to post any and all breaking news, so for a news site it’s a great source of information.

However, that has all finished. The site’s owner, Tyler Malka┬áis facing some serious sexual assault allegations. A Facebook post by a former friend of Malka explains that while the woman was showering, Malka stripped naked and attempted to join without any consent.

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This isn’t even the first time the guy has been caught out being a pervert, as in 2012 he openly admitted to groping a woman in a bar after buying her a drink to show his dominance and that he wasn’t going to be “taken advantage” of.

As it stands right now, NeoGaf is returning a 503 error message when you try to access the site. Most of the moderation team have ditched the site as they no longer want to be seen as supporting Malka, while regular users were posting “suicide threads” in an effort to be banned from the site. The site could return at some point, perhaps with a new owner, but it’s just as likely that it will never return.

Good riddance.

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