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Neon Abyss Announced for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch With New Neon-Lit Trailer

Indie publishing house Team17 and developer Veewo Games have announced today that they’ll be bringing Neon Abyss to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at some point later this year. At the moment, there’s no solid release date, but expect it to be announced closer to release.

The colourful, neon-soaked shooter can actually be played right now for free thanks to the free demo currently being offered on Steam. So if you want to give the game a test run before putting the money down, you can download the Neon Abyss demo on Steam.

Neon Abyss tasks players with blasting their way through dungeons with an array of weapons in a fast-paced blend of run ‘n’ gun gameplay, with some roguelike mechanics for good measure and replayability.

There’s a trailer up above, and you can find the free Neon Abyss Steam demo here.

Key Features:

  • Roguelite: Death is not the end. When players die, they come back more powerful than before, lasting longer with each incarnation
  • Pets: Hatch and evolve pets along your journey to give you additional firepower and perks
  • Unlimited item synergies: Random item drops throughout the levels will give players the chance to stack passive effects to devastating effect, and with an almost limitless number of combinations, every run will be unique
  • Mini-games: In-between slaying gods, mini-games such as piano performances, meditation challenges, dance competitions and more will give players the chance to not only kick back and relax for a second, but provide extra loot too

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