Neptune Flux Releasing on PS4/PSVR August 8th in North America; Other Countries Not Guaranteed

Have you ever wanted to mooch around under the sea, but lack the oxygen tank/balls to do it? As long as you’ve got a PSVR headset, a PS4 and a few dollars to spare, you can do just that with Neptune Flux when it releases early next month. Alternatively, you can play the game without a PSVR headset as a traditional flat-screen game.

The one-man development team behind the game, Zoxide (Nick Pettit), has announced today that Neptune Flux will be getting a release on PS4/PSVR this August 8th. The bad news is that it’ll only be available in North America to begin with, but the developer has stated that it’s possible it may release in other territories at a later date.

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Neptune Flux first hit PCVR headsets back in November 2016. The reviews have been mixed over on Steam, though the majority of the negativity comes as a result of the game’s running time, not its gameplay – something that players have been quite positive about.

There’s an old trailer embedded up above for you to watch, and be sure to check back in with Pure PlayStation next month for our Neptune Flux review.

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