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Nerds Alert: Horizon Zero Dawn is Getting a Tabletop Tie-In Game

horizon: zero dawn - complete edition

What do you do when your PS4 is bricked or your TV has a foot-shaped hole in the front of it? How will you ever take Aloy out on adventures? Is life even worth living if you can’t be with Aloy 24/7? Yes. Yes it is. But for people like Pure PlayStation’s Kyle Durant, being without Aloy and Horizon Zero Dawn is to be without oxygen. Thankfully, there’s a solution for such people: Good old-fashioned board games.

Yep, Horizon Zero Dawn is getting turned into a tabletop board game by board game specialists Steam Forged. The company has a track record when it comes to adapting popular games for tabletop experiences, so you needn’t worry about quality.

The tie-in has been announced, yet it’s not quite ready to come out. In fact, the company behind the tie-in is going to take the concept to Kickstarter to raise some funds. There’s no word as of yet when the Kickstarter campaign will start, nevermind what it will entail, but Pure PlayStation will keep an eye on things and let you know as and when more information is available.


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