Neverwinter Coming This Summer On The PS4

Neverwinter Coming This Summer On The PS4

Traditionally MMO games have always been PC only, recently however we have been seeing more and more of them hitting consoles with the likes of The Elder Scrolls Online, DC Universe and Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. In no way is it a saturated market and it’s nice to see a free-to-play coming to the PS4. Especially considering Final Fantasy is subscription based and although you don’t need a subscription for The Elder Scrolls Online you do need to buy the base game and without paying monthly for ‘ESO Plus’ a lot of content is locked away.

Neverwinter is the product of the highly renowned ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ franchise famous for it’s tabletop RPG now brought to us as an MMORPG. This is not a new game as it was released almost 3 years ago on the PC and 1 year ago on the Xbox, nevertheless it has been successful there and it’s players have been asking for a PS4 release. The biggest issue players were having with the Xbox version was frame rate drops so we are hoping this can be remedied for the PlayStation. On top of this the graphics are supposedly┬ánothing to write home about, although provided the gameplay is good enough this may not be an issue for some people.

Content wise is where Neverwinter is really going to shine with the base game plus 9 expansions boasting hundreds of quests to complete and vast areas to explore. All this content for free does almost seem to good to be true so we’re wondering just how much will be locked away in micro transactions or a ‘premium’ subscription. However, the game truly will be free for all PS4 users as you will not even need PS Plus to play. You will be able to jump into Neverwinter at some point this summer and as always with an MMO, if you can get your friends on board you will have a significantly better experience. For now you can check out the announcement trailer embedded below which may get you more pumped for the game than you would expect… probably the music.

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