New ‘City of Light’ Trailer For Telltale’s Batman Episode 5

New ‘City of Light’ Trailer For Telltale’s Batman Episode 5

The last episode of Telltale’s Batman season will drop tomorrow, and it is anyone’s guess how it will actually end. Episode 3 was certainly a low point, but episode 4 was better. There is a lot riding on this final episode, and it is understandably dark. Batman will be facing Lady Arkham in a grudge match that makes Hulk Hogan pee just a little.

All your decisions over the entire season will come back to help or haunt you. Although Batman says, “This ends tonight” at the end of the trailer, we are sure to see a second season to wrap up the many threads introduced during this first season.

Let us know in the comments if you are ready to be the Bat again, or if this series has left you as cold as a penguin?


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