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New Details for Victor Vran’s Fractured Worlds Expansion

We were promised more details on the standalone Victor Vran expansion and here they are. Fractured Worlds has an obvious meaning in relation to this new adventure for our titular hero. He’s transported to a dimension that was formed by the collision of several broken worlds. It’s up to Victor to piece together the Astrolabe, alter his fate, and explore all new dungeons. In fact, four of the dungeons change on a daily basis and one, The Fracture, is an endless dungeon that offers new challenges at the proceeding depths.

Fractured Worlds will also raise the level cap from 50 to 60, adds an additional Destiny Card slot, and introduces Talismans that change the appearance and combat options for Victor. Players will be able to craft those. You can check out the quick gameplay trailer above.

Fractured Worlds offers endless new adventures and challenges for Victor Vran,” said Bisser Dyankov, Producer at developer Haemimont Games. “By greatly expanding the end game experience, we believe that many existing hunters will find it immensely satisfying as it gives the game that new aspect they’ve been waiting for.

Unfortuantely, no updated release date has been made available. The launch is still scheduled for early 2017 on the PlayStation 4. Hit us up in the comments with your thoughts on the new expansion!


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Wired Productions Press Release

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