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New Doctor Who PSVR Trailer Shows More Gameplay Than You Can Wave a Sonic Screwdriver At

There’s a Doctor Who game coming to PSVR in the near future, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, but there’s not been much by way of gameplay in previous trailers. That changes today as a brand new gameplay trailer has just been released.

The new Doctor Who gameplay trailer gives us a good look at some of the gameplay mechanics that players will make us of, as well as a few of the environments that will be explored – including the inside of the Tardis! – and some of the classic Doctor Who enemies that will serve as the game’s antagonists.

It’s looking good and the new trailer is definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of the Doctor. Unfortunately there’s still no release date attached to the feature-length VR game, only the vague “coming soon” release window.

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