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New Doom DLC Adds An Arcade Mode

How could the name Doom fill us with such happiness? The return of the granddaddy of all shooters (shut up, Wolfenstein. Go back to your room.) was a welcome return to form, and we thought highly of it in our review.

With that shameless plug out of the way, Doom has continued to drop new DLC for the downright generous price of free. Today’s release hits that same sweet price and adds an equally sweet arcade mode. Everything is unlocked, and you choose your loadout like a very destructive kid in a candy store, if that store was located on Mars and undergoing a demonic invasion. Every kill ups your score, and there are score multipliers and bonuses for taking less damage. After completing your best run, you can compare scores with your friends on the leaderboards.

But wait! That’s not all. For the more creative among us, the old school Doom textures have been added to SnapMap for wistful gamers looking to reimagine the old levels with a new twist or make new levels in the classic style.

If that is not enough for you, there are two new multiplier modes. In Possession, every fallen Marine becomes a Prowler demon to hunt down his former friends. In the free-for-all mode Bloodrush, every player has a depleting gauge that is filled by kills and drained by deaths. Once the gauge is empty, there are no more respawns for you, soldier.

The DLC trailer also shows a tiny glimpse of the next paid DLC, Hell Followed, coming October 27th. Will this new DLC get you back to blowing up and glory-killing the denizens of hell? Let us know in the comments.

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