New Features Revealed For Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a medieval RPG from Warhorse Studios due out in 2017. The game is set in Europe and aims to bring an extremely realistic experience to its players, this includes food going off, your armour being dirty affecting how characters interact with you, equipment breaking, etc. A lot of thought has gone into the realism of the game and undoubtedly the players will be really testing its boundaries.

Typical RPG aspects such as abilities and skills are of course included. However, the same system you use is also used by the game’s NPCs, for example, you have to eat and sleep, so do the NPCs. This can be used tactically to complete quests but also it’s just nice to see so much thought put into a game. Interestingly the same ability and skill system is used by the animals, the video doesn’t go into much detail but they mention horses can be faster or stronger than other horses and there is also talk of a sneaky… potentially rogue rabbit.

kingdom come 2

Furthermore, there is a layer system for wearing armour. You can put on a cloth shirt with chainmail on top and then even plate armour on top of that, this allows you to really hand tailor your armor to suit your purposes. Finally, go down below and check out Warhorse Studio’s video outlining the game’s features.
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