New Final Fantasy Trailer Encourages Us To Stand Together

On the eve of a new Final Fantasy launch, Sony has released a new partially live-action trailer to show the value of teamwork. It begins with four kids making some very poor life choices as they decide to fight a large nasty knight with an enormous sword.

Obviously, things are not going to go well for these kids, and Noctis and crew show up at the last second to stop the supernatural juggernaut from making them all a greasy smear on his blade. The trailer is set to the Florence + the Machine’s cover of “Stand By Me”, and it reminds us that the new game has a strong emphasis on a group of young guys working together on their road trip.

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If the game is anything like the movie Stand By Me only with more spells and swords, we cannot wait to play Final Fantasy XV tomorrow. Stay tuned, because our very own Kyle Durant is feverishly working on completing the review. Until it hits, you can check out his initial thoughts here.

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