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New Footage Proves Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming…Eventually

Oh, snap, son! During the State of Play video tonight, they had a very quick teaser showing some new footage of Final Fantasy VII Remake. With the new graphical fidelity and awesome power of your favorite console, Aerith (I prefer Aeris) looks like you always imagined. It’s so good that you can feel the brooding emanating from Cloud’s every pore.  We even catch a quick glimpse of the villain everyone loves to hate (for different reasons).

We still don’t know very much about the game, but there is a promise of more information in June. I will predict that this is the year we receive a release date (not necessarily a release), but I hope for that every year. Like other internet “analysts”, eventually I’ll be right once and pray you forget all the times I’m wrong.

The release date doesn’t really matter. I just want Square Enix makes good on the promise that started when the PS3 was new. I have put the English trailer at the top, and the Japanese version is at the bottom. If we’re all lucky, Final Fantasy VII Remake will put a beautiful coat of paint on a game released 22 years ago without losing the magic that made the original special.

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