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Nordic Games’ New RPG Elex Aims to Bring Something Fresh to the Table Next Year

Elex is a game in development from Nordic Games and Piranha Bytes who previously created the Gothic series. Nowadays we see a lot of open world RPG games, they are highly popular and they are in abundance.

Elex follows suit in this way, however, it then goes on to shake things up a bit and mix the genres of sci-fi and fantasy – something the studio claims is an all-new concept in the world of RPGs . The first image that comes to mind is some poor soul with a sword and shield being gunned down by laser rifles and giant mechs but presumably things like this have been taken into consideration.

The basic story idea goes as follows: The game is set on the planet ‘Magalan’ which homed a prosperous and technologically advanced civilisation, until a meteor wiped out a majority of the people sending the planet into a post-apocalyptic era. As seen in many similar plots the basic social hierarchy crumbles and people scramble to form factions and fight for scarce resources in a struggle to survive. The meteor responsible for the devastation also brought with it a limited supply of a resource called ‘Elex’ which from its description seems to be extremely versatile, powerful and mysterious.

Elex 2

Currently there are 4 factions who each use Elex differently, the Albs consume Elex to make themselves powerful whereas the Clerics use it to build high-tech weaponry.  The Berserkers use Elex in a more natural and magical way turning it into mana, they look like they will be the more Fantasy oriented faction. Finally the bandits have no set rules for the use of Elex and do with it as they please.

There are obvious contrasts in the game’s themes but that is what the developers are aiming for and yes it is somewhat risky but it’s refreshing to see developers putting a new spin on a popular genre and quite frankly it’s exciting. It’s good to see developers taking a risk and we hope the previously separated worlds of Sci-Fi and Fantasy can be brought together.

Elex is looking at a release date somewhere in the first quarter of 2017. We will keep you updated with any new information and announcements, however if you want to learn about the game more in-depth be sure to check out their website here. Let us know what you think about Elex and how well you believe the fantasy and Sci-Fi elements will merge together, finally you can check out the ‘Mood Video’ below to get an idea of how the game may look and feel.

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