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New Game Plus Will Cost You Money In Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Yakuza Like a Dragon

New Game Plus is a very popular mechanic in most games these days. And it has had a starring role in previous Yakuza titles. However, for one reason or another, SEGA have decided to remove the feature from Yakuza: Like A Dragon and bundle it up in a premium DLC at a later date.

Something that makes no sense, considering this game will be the most RPG-like to date.

But, unfortunately, it’s true. Or at least it is in the regions where the game is currently available. And there’s nothing to say that SEGA will see just what a nonsensical move this is before its launch further west. But maybe – just maybe – they’ll change their minds when they see our disappointment in articles like this. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

However, we all know that Yakuza: Like A Dragon is pushing the boundaries as to what the series has become. There’ll be levelling up and skill trees like never before. And character builds that we will undoubtedly want to take for another spin around the Japanese, neon block. But instead, this luxury will be restricted to brawlers who are willing to spend a little extra on top of the base game – post launch. As will the so called ‘high difficulty’ option.

So, could there be further disappointment in the difficulty department, too? Because I’m far from a great player, but there’s nothing worse than feeling as though the going is a little too easy. And for the players who far exceed my ability, that sounds like it could be a potential problem…

The biggest problem for me is that New Game Plus offers you the perfect opportunity to go after any trophy you missed the first time around. Starting a completely new game can feel a little boring, as nothing really changes. But with your upgraded character, their maxed out abilities and increased threat from the locals, you feel as though you’re experiencing things in a different light.

So, SEGA, please don’t take that away from us!

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