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New Hero For Paragon: GRIM.exe

In just 3 days (10/05/16) we will be seeing the release of Paragon’s latest hero who’s named GRIM.exe, the GRIM part of the name refers to a little Imp who controls a big robot with a pulse cannon. The other part of the name, ‘exe’, refers to the robot in the sense that exe stands for a file extension in an executable format. The robot is like an extension of GRIM and he uses it to execute his enemies, it’s really quite clever. The new hero will be a ranger using his pulse cannon to take out enemies at range. His abilities will enable GRIM to shield them both, knock back enemies, slow enemies and finally his ultimate ability is a long range homing shot that passes through minions and objects. You can see what GRIM.exe looks like down below.

GRIM.exe 1

Also worth noting is that for the duration of the weekend before the release of the latest hero (this weekend) Epic Games is giving away double XP for everyone. Paragon is still in early access but if you want to get in on the action you can purchase a founders pack to get access to all available content. All heroes are free to play and GRIM.exe will be no exception, from Tuesday he will be available to all current players battling it out in Agora. Check out his introductory video below.

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