New Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer Confirms A 2017 Release Date

New Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer Confirms A 2017 Release Date

Rumours about the delay of Guerrilla’s upcoming third-person open-world game have been flying about left, right and centre lately. Unfortunately, for those of you who were hoping that Horizon: Zero Dawn would be PlayStation’s big holidays 2016 title, the rumours were correct and the game has been pushed back until 2017. However, we do have a specific release date for the game now which is February 28th, 2017. The release date only flashes up for a quick second near the end of the trailer which implies that Sony didn’t want to draw too much attention to the delay. The trailer itself is quite lengthy as it clocks in at over three minutes. The long length of the trailer might mean that the game won’t been seen at this year’s E3, which is next week. Another, more likely, possibility is that we’ll get to see some new gameplay at the show and they tactically released this trailer to get the delay out of the way in order to keep the disappointment out of the show. The fact that Gran Turismo Sport has been confirmed for holidays 2016 means Sony still has a triple-A title coming out in time for Christmas – unlike last year.

Anyway that’s enough talk about the delay. The bright side to this story is that we have a new three minute trailer for the game! The trailer offers loads of new information on the story but I won’t mention that here incase anybody wants to completely avoid story details before the game launches. The trailer also shows off some new locations, robot-dinosaurs and a first glimpse at some human enemies. Judging by the trailer, the soundtrack and graphic are also shaping up to be excellent. You can view the trailer for yourself down below.

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