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New Maps For Call of Duty: WWII Out Now in DLC 2, The War Machine

The second DLC for Call of Duty: WWII is bursting with new maps. But it’s the latest mission within The War Machine that really catches our eye.

Firstly, there are a total of three new multiplayer maps bundled within the premium update. These continue the game’s trend of placing gamers within the midst of battle, and are described as Egypt, Dunkirk and V2. The former encompasses the grand pyramids within combat by making them a part of the action. Although it isn’t confirmed, using the ancient triangles as a form of cover does sound novel.

Dunkirk is a vast and open beach, sodden with the sea and loss of life. Officially it’s described as dangerous, “flanked by tight interiors”, whilst the latter centres upon a secret testing facility, somewhere in Germany, which demands a more fast and fluid style of play.

In addition to the above maps is an additional chapter for Nazi Zombies. Staged within Berlin, The Shadowed Throne is quoted as taking “the Barbarossa storyline to an entirely new level”.

However, as we mentioned before, it’s the new War mode mission that has got us excited. Operation Husky, based on a real wartime mission, tasks players with the gathering of vital information that is able to locate enemy ports. If the initial two parts of the mission are completed successfully, the new gaming mechanic of dogfights will be introduced. Despite coming under the heavy bombardment from axis fighters, the newly appointed pilots must defend their aerial bombers from the enemy. Or we all know what might happen…

The War Machine DLC is available for download now at a cost of $15 / £11.59. It is obviously included within the Season Pass, along with DLC 1, which retails currently at $50 / £40 .

Are you still a loyal squaddy of Call of Duty: WWII? Or will this latest DLC encourage a redeployment? Shoot us a comment below. 

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