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New Mordheim Trailer Shows The Basics

With more strategy games like XCOM finding a home on consoles, it is great to see even more variety. Mordheim: City of the Damned, a name that will definitely discourage tourism, will be coming to PS4 on October 18th. It is a fantasy, tactical RPG that allows you to to beat the stuffing out of other fantasy creatures in turn-based combat and focuses on customization and strategy.

Using one of four different characters, you will be able to level up your attacks, recruit new warriors, and improve your equipment and spells to slay your foes. Mordheim will allow you to advantageously move around the terrain for an abush, and your allies can even be injured or permanently killed if you lose. The game has a single player story for each character, and it has online multiplayer to give you even more challenge.

For us, the highlight of the trailer has to be the armored were-mice. You are going to need a huge cat to get rid of those guys. Check out the trailer for more info on the game and let us know if were-mice keep haunting your nightmares too.

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