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New Patch For The Division 2 Beta Fixes Disconnect Error

Some players in the private The Division 2 Beta haven’t had a clear shot at the action. That’s because it has been plagued by a disconnect error, which has been sending combatants on an unscheduled rendezvous with the main menu. But Ubisoft has today released a patch that fixes the bug, once and for all.

The ‘delta 03’ error has pretty much been the only noteworthy nuisance to come out of the test, which bodes well for the future. But the only advice given until now was to reset the game every two to three hours in order to reduce your risk as it seemed to the company, at least, that it only occurred during extended playing sessions.

However, there should be no need to reset at all now that the patch has dropped, which is available to download now on console. So what are you waiting for? If you’re lucky enough to have a place in the squad, go enjoy yourself without the threat of being ejected!

Has The Division 2 hit the target? Or is it more Tom Clunky than Clancy? Line up the comments box in your scope and fire a comment our way.

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