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New Red Dead Online Beta Update Brings New Modes and Fancy Duds to PS4

If you are still playing Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s no surprise. There is more content in that game than you just mow through in a dedicated weekend, and the online portion gives you more reasons to gallop through Rockstar’s cowboy playground. A new update is available now for the Red Dead Online Beta, and it aims to keep you riding with your posse across the Old West for even longer. If it matters to you, it’s only on the PS4 for now, so you can try it before it comes to other consoles.

First, we have over 150 new clothing items, so you can personalize your hero or outlaw even further. I would make fun of this, but I keep realizing that I want my characters to have a specific look too. I’m the problem. With many new outfits, gloves, boots, and hats, I can mix and match until I find the right image for a few dollars more. There are three new emotes if you want to express more than a sour and serious disposition.

New modes will be part of the Special Series. It sounds like a way for Rockstar to put some new ideas in front of players and gauge their enthusiasm. One of the first will be Open Target Races. Up to 15 players will have to ride through checkpoints in any order. The fastest wins, but you will have a bow and limited ammo to make sure it’s you. Look for a diamond icon on the map or use the quick join menu to saddle up for new modes.

This is only a taste of everything in the update. There are new weapons, new showdown modes, and new weekly bonuses. The update is available now, so get out there and cause some trouble with your friends.



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