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New Screenshots for A Plague Tale: Innocence Show Beauty in Devastation

There are some new screenshots for A Plague Tale: Innocence today, and they are not all dark, scary, and full of rats. Some of them are, but it looks as if the sun shines even in dark times for the tale of the orphans, Amicia and Hugo.  The images show multiple environments, plants, lighting effects, and people.

Despite a few brighter days, A Plague Tale: Innocence is a darker story. Amicia and Hugo are living during the time of the Black Death. They are pursued by the Inquisition (which no one ever expects) and enormous swarms of plague rats that will devour anyone who steps outside the light. It’s actually a mechanic you can use to move past an enemy in this action/stealth game.

For now, check out the images, and get ready to lay out a billion mousetraps when A Plague Tale: Innocence launches sometime in 2019.

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