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New Screenshots for Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts III Only Make Us Want Them More

At the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences, Square Enix gave us a proof of life for Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts III in the form of screenshots. Take every detail into your eyes slowly, because we only have three total. Even so, they are fairly impressive, especially since this is the first real view of Kingdom Hearts III.

One of the two for Final Fantasy VII show Cloud and Barret fighting a Scorpion, the first boss in the game. In an interview on Gameblog. fr, game director Tetsuya Nomura mentioned that they have been putting, “a lot of attention into the combat system, and it’s going to happen without interruption”. They are still working on the interface, because the menus are not final. He also confirmed allies would not take damage from grenades, and the environment would be “partly destructible”. Although he wanted to show an actual video of the fight, he was told no by Square Enix.

Nomura also had some interesting things to say about the solitary screenshot from Kingdom Hearts III. During the same interview, he said, “It’s happening in Thebes, and they are fighting a new model of the Heartless. The Keyblade turns into a lot of things. Here it is a shield, but it can also be transformed into a chariot. This is called Power Form.”

It seems like we have been waiting forever on Square Enix to drop some info on a release date for the Final Fantasy VII remake and Kingdom Hearts III. Although screenshots will never fill that hole in your heart, at least it gives us hope we will see these two games, before we retire to someplace warm and sunny for our golden years.

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