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A New Splinter Cell for PS4 Might Be Announced at E3 2018

It’s only March and the E3 rumour mill has already started turning. And we bloody love it. We do. We really do. It’s got all the excitement and drama that we need in our lives.

According to a now-removed listing on Amazon Canada, Ubisoft is planning on bringing Sam Fisher and his goggles out of retirement. The listing appears to be a genuine Ubisoft listing with the publisher’s input, though we sincerely doubt it was meant to be leaked. Or perhaps it’s all a part of Ubisoft’s marketing strategy?

The product page simply names the game as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 2018, though on mobile browsers it was possible to observe the game’s product number. This is very interesting because the product number reads: E3TomClancy’sSplinterCell2018_PC.

The Splinter Cell series has been dormant ever since the release of Splinter Cell Blacklist back in 2013 on PS3. We’ve heard rumours before about Michael Ironside being on board with a new Splinter Cell game, so maybe it is all true? Who bloody knows these days…

E3 is only three months away, so we’ll find out soon enough.

Interested in another Splinter Cell? What would you like to see change or return in a new Splinter Cell? Lights out in the comments section below.

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