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New Teaser Trailer for Control Keeps Us Guessing

Tis the season for teasers. Control dropped a short trailer on E3’s doorstep today, and it pulls back the curtain for about 46 seconds. We are treated to some shots of employees and rooms inside the agency. The enemy is identified as “The Hiss”, and they would destroy the world if they escaped. It ends with a creepy interaction with a janitor just standing around in a room. He’s wearing headphones, so he may be just be taking a break, before cleaning up some more supernatural messes. It’s best not to assume.

Control puts you in the shoes of a new director of a secret agency. On the first day, she has to seal off the building due to some kind of “other worldly” threat. Using your abilities as both a competent manager and some supernatural ones, you will move through the odd worlds inside the building. If you have seen the screenshots, it has some cool visuals.

The developer Remedy only drops a new game every few years, and they have an amazing past from the masterpiece of Max Payne 2 (come at me, bro) to the one Xbox exclusive game our resident PlayStation zealot, Kyle Durant, recommends wholeheartedly in this opinion article. I usually take notice of a new game from them.

Although we don’t exactly know what’s happening in Control, we do know it will release on August 27th. We’ll keep our eyes open for more trailers during this most holy E3 season.

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