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New Timesplitters and Second Sight Coming in the Future

Timesplitters is one of those franchises that just doesn’t die. After being a hit on the PS2, it was shelved, with rumors resurfacing every few years only to have it disappear back into obscurity. It was discussed and a sequel was always in the making, but it was as elusive as the Loch Ness monster.

All that changes as of today. (We hope anyway.) The rights for the Timesplitters’ franchise have been acquired by Koch Media, and they plan on creating future games through its subsidiary, Deep Silver. They also picked up the rights to PS2 classic, Second Sight, and you can expect more of that as well.

Free Radical Design created both franchises. After having Star Wars Battlefront III cancelled and releasing Haze on the PS3, they unsurprisingly had financial issues. The company was purchased by Crytek, and Crytek has had its own issues as well. This has led to both franchises being put on hold for years.

With today’s announcement, it will be a while before we see anything new. The (Deep) silver lining is that we should see something new at some point in the future. Maybe it will be amazing. Maybe not. At least these two games are getting a second chance, so I am happy to stay optimistic for now.

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