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New Trailer for Combat in The Quiet Man

Square Enix has been holding details for The Quiet Man close to the vest. Today, they have released a new trailer showing the intense brawler combat, and it should look familiar to some. Tatsuro Koike worked on the combat in franchises like the Power Rangers and Yakuza games, before lending a hand to The Quiet Man. Since The Quiet Man is a combination of game and live-action, that previous experience is perfect.

The game’s length was also revealed. It should take most players around three hours to complete the story in The Quiet Man. All the events take place on a single night. Although you are Dane and most of the world will be silent, you will encounter other characters, such as cops, a singer, and gang members.

Since you cannot hear them, you will be forced to interpret their intentions from their actions. The game will shift between live-action and gameplay, so you can watch an actor, not a CGI model. There will also not be a HUD in the game.

We don’t have a release date, but The Quiet Man will run you $14.99/€14.99 when it launches.

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