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New Trailer for The Sinking City Might Make You Want to Grow A Beard

Hallucinations or at least doubting the truth of what you see are an integral part of some great Lovecraft stories. The newest trailer for The Sinking City shows private investigator, Charles W, Reed, performing the mundane task of shaving. It’s pretty much what you expect until the tentacles keep coming out of his face. No matter how much he removes them, they keep coming back. Are you only half awake, or are you having a mental breakdown?

The Sinking City has plenty of other visions. He is restrained on a table. There are flashes of the townspeople looking less than human. Wherever he goes in the once prosperous town of Oakmont, Massachusetts, there are legends, myths, and plenty of weirdness on a cosmic scale. When not walking the fine line between sanity and lunacy, you will be investigating this sleepy harbor town and trying not to lose your mind in the process.

Probably, the scariest part of this trailer is his straight razor shaving technique. Even in the 1920s, there must be some soap around there somewhere. He is just asking for cuts, and they don’t disappear like the tentacles when you regain consciousness. Just to be practical, perhaps you pay someone else to shave you or even grow a beard until your encounter with cosmic evil is done.

Shaving opinions aside, The Sinking City is releasing on March 21st, 2019.

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