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New Trailer for Torment: Tides of Numenera Shows Combat and Life after Death

We showed you the different ways your decisions in a quest could impact the story, but what happens when you cannot talk your way out of a bad situation? In a fantasy RPG, it must come up all the time. When you are “borrowing” everything in sight, how do you explain “finders keepers” to a ten foot troll? We would recommend small words, patience, and a meter of sharp steel.

The combat in Torment: Tides of Numenera will reward you with experience that allows you to grow more powerful. If you play a character who will use deception of fancy words, you can still rely on new weapons and spells, your allies, and powerful Cyphers. Cyphers are one-use devices that allow you to powerfully hit your enemies in different ways, but they are dangerous to you too. If you have too many, they could explode and kill you.

Like Tupac’s career, death is not the end. There is a whole maze for you to explore in the afterlife, find ways to¬†become more powerful, and return to life with more information about the story.

Torment looks like it be a return to a retro style RPG with some modern touches. The decision-making depth may leave us scratching our heads to try to figure out the future consequences of a single lie or killing a character we happen to accidentally encounter, and that should give the game a weight that few other games can match.

When this game releases on February 28th, the first big decision will be whether to buy it, or some other minor release on the same day.

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