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New Trailer Gives Us a First Look at The Golf Club 2

Golf games may not be a numerous as the classic mid-2000 ones, but developer HB Studios is taking another crack at it with their followup creation. This time around the sequel to The Golf Club will have a progression-based career mode, new clubs in the form of Societies, and a widely expanded course creator feature. If you are looking to advance through career mode you’ll have to play a series of tournaments in order to progress, rather than competing against other players. The ability to create or join a Society, or club, will allow you to represent your chosen team in every single event you participate in. The better you do and the higher you reach, the more upgrades you’ll be able to use on your clubhouse. Then the course creator feature undoubtedly returns seeing how the previous title had over one hundred and fifty thousand courses come to life. You can see all of this in the first look video trailer above.

Publisher Maximum Games has also revealed that The Golf Club 2 can be pre-ordered on the title’s official website for $49.99. If one decides to do so they’ll gain access to the Day 1 edition. This will come with in-game currency called Moneybags, an exclusive gold driver, a high society clubhouse, a throwback outfit from the sport’s yesteryears, and a signature Society logo with special badge. It’s expected to drop for the PlayStation 4 sometime in the Spring. Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed the first entry in the series which got average reviews. The absence of any good golf games in recent memory has planted this one easily on our radar.


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