New Valkyria Game Coming Next Year

Sega announced today that it would be bringing Valkyria Revolution to the PS4 and the PS Vita in both a physical and digital release. The PS Vita will only see a digital release, but we are still happy to see “the little handheld that could” receive newer games. The name has been changed from Valkyria: Azure Revolution, and we are happy to see a developer restrain themselves in naming a title. (Seriously, check this title from a recent review.) This is a new game with new characters from previous entries to the series.

Valkyria Revolution plays differently than past Valkyria games. First, the combat is no longer turn-based. The new system is in real-time and features combos and range attacks mixed with strategic elements. This is hard to envision, so we attached a gameplay video with very excited Japanese gamers to illustrate the different combat.

There are some of the original features returning to the game. You will once again have the ability to upgrade your weapons. Another key component of the original game was its very unique art style, and they have upgraded the engine to give the “graphics a unique canvas texture”.

By far, one of the most exciting things about the new game is that Yasunori Mitsuda will be composing the music. If you are not familiar with him, he composed the music for classic RPGs such as Chrono Trigger, Xenosaga I, Xenogears, and Shadow Hearts. Check out this melodic piano track named “Nephilim“, the haunting “Song of Nephilim“, and the operatic “Albedo” from Xenosaga I for a sample of his work. (You can probably tell that we really liked the soundtrack for Xenosaga I.) We think the composing is in very capable hands and are very interested to hear the soundtrack. For more information about Yasunori Mitsuda, you can check out his Wikipedia page here.

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The story to accompany this music revolves around five friends who use their power and influence to start a resistance leading to war. As you move through the game, you uncover the reasons for the Circle of Five and why they need revenge. You will also discover whether they are heroes or the true villains of the game.

We will be keeping an eye (or an ear) on this one. It is not the old Valkyria games, and that is OK. This series deserves a chance to succeed again, and we look forward to seeing if it measures up to past titles when Valkyria Revolution releases in the second quarter of 2017.

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