New VR Experience Perfect Gives Us Space To Relax

Perfect will let you shed your worries and stress while being transported to a tropical beach, watching the northern lights, or in a mountain wilderness. The relaxation simulator will let you pick different times of day and view points to maximize your enjoyment. You can also listen to Spotify playlists or play your own music.

With VR still in its infancy, we are getting a lot of good and bad games and experiences, but there is the freedom to try something new. Perfect is one of the experiences that we think will be very popular with a certain crowd on our slow walk to the holodeck of tomorrow. Although it is priced at $9.99 / €7.99 / £7.99, there will be a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus members. It is not the most expensive “experience” game out there, so, after watching the trailer, you may want to give it shot.

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It will launch on December 13th in North America, but the EU will have to wait until December 20th for pretty stress management. If you do pick it up, let us know if it works. It would save us all a lot on alcohol, our current stress reliever.


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